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All Together Now

by Awesome Cutlery

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Come on, come in, everybody There is a God who is worthy Of all our praise - he alone is Lord Come on and join with creation Let everything shout to praise him Glory to Christ - he's the one who made us Lift up your voices to heaven’s King Bow down before his throne Our perfect Saviour died for our sin Hallelujah! Praise to Jesus Christ the King Come on, come in, all you weary Come on and find rest with Jesus He is the one who can heal your soul Come on and join with the angels Praising the Lamb who was faithful Giving his life - he's the one who saved us Come on, you saints, keep believing Gather to hear the Lord speaking Humble your hearts, tremble at his voice Come in with joy for the future He will renew heaven and earth Jesus is Lord - he's the one who'll raise us
God doesn't have a birthday No moment he was made For he is the beginning He made both time and space But when I think about it, I simply cannot see How God’s always been there Living eternally Our God is higher than the heights above His ways are not our own Praise the one who blows our minds Trust in him alone God chose to have a birthday He came into the world When Mary had a baby Small boy, eternal Word But when I think about it, I just don’t understand How Jesus can be God Living life as a man When we meet God, we also find mysteries He is infinite, and I'm just a limited me Such deep thinking about the God we know Shows he's not just more than us, he's in a league of his own God gives us a new birthday When we are born again By trusting Christ the Saviour Who gives life without end But when I think about it, I simply cannot see: How the Holy Spirit’s Moving like the breeze
The Hero 04:27
He healed the sick He calmed the storm He saw five thousand, he fed them all He raised the dead He cured the blind Drove out the Legion, restored a mind He is the hero that we need A man with power He’s the Son of God You know his name He brought good news He taught the crowds Lifted the humble, rebuked the proud He told the truth He never lied Was always righteous before all eyes He is the hero that we need A man of justice He’s the Son of God You know his name Jesus, you’re the hero You're the only one who saves Jesus, you’re the hero There is power in your name They saw his life They heard him speak They saw the signs but would not believe They chose to hate They chose to kill He was rejected, forgave them still He is the hero that we need A man of sorrows He’s the Son of God You know his name
Jesus when you died It looked like a failure All your friends had gone They thought it was over Jesus when you died You did not deserve it This was all God’s plan You knew it was worth it Thank you! Jesus, thank you! That you died for us We will always thank you! Jesus, thank you! That you died for us On the cross Jesus when you died There you were forsaken Through your sacrifice All our shame was taken Jesus when you died You did it on purpose You showed us your love You did it to serve us Jesus, when you died All our sin was paid for Now we're free to live The life we were made for One with God above Living as his children We trust in his words Knowing you fulfilled them
In Christ 03:34
The Father put us in his Son He joined us through and through Every place that Jesus goes Is where you’ll find us too Through heaven's special offer of Jesus Christ the King We get grace, love, joy, and hope Choose him, get everything! We’re in Christ, who is life United to the Son We’re in Christ, who is life We share all that he’s won Joined up by his Spirit Who lives in our hearts Now we’re one with Jesus We’ll never be apart God the Father loves the Son A love older than time Jesus Christ now shares this love It’s his, it’s yours, it’s mine! Because of God's great mercy We're precious as can be Taking all of God's love in Is like trying to drink the sea When God the Father raised the Son We also rose with him We set hearts on things above And turn away from sin This life cannot be taken So we give God the thanks Safer than a tortoise who is living in a bank
When I stop and look at the starry sky Or hear all the birds as they call up high When I smell sea-salt in the sand I'm enjoying the works of your hands All my senses tell me The Maker must be great All the world is singing Asking us to join in Creation shouts it: God is Lord of all Everywhere you go, you can always hear it call Power displayed for all the world to see A masterpiece from the King of eternity When I stop and look at a human face Or hear that we made it up into space When I learn what the body does I'm enjoying the work of your love All my senses tell me Our Maker must be great All creation's singing Helping us to join in Thank you Lord for this creation And thank you Lord for making us We look forward to the future when You make all things new again And the world will be a wonderful place It will be better than new Because we'll be with you Yes, the world will be a wonderful place It will be better than new
Who I Am 04:22
I am part of something beautiful Placed by you with care among them all Every piece unique and different, Your love shining through You're the artist, we're the image Made to be like you I want to know who I am So I'll listen to you You are God and you tell me what's true I want to see who I'll be When you're working in me You made us to show your glory I am known by someone perfectly On your mind before I came to be I don’t even know myself as well as you know me When I live as you have made me I am truly free We are made for even greater things Made to share the life that Jesus brings Peace that never can be broken Living with our friend We’re accepted and forgiven Loved without an end
Keep In Step 03:59
The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience Kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control The route of the Spirit is the way of Jesus A new heart, a new life, a new goal! Keep in step Keep in Keep in step Keep in step with the Spirit (Repeat) We know God is with us - he is right here, right now He's here to help us and to show us the way We have the Spirit, he's a gift from Jesus Leading us in all we do and say The fight of the Spirit is for our desire He helps us turn and leave the old way behind We’ve been set free so we can serve like Jesus Holiness the goal of heart and mind
Dr. Jesus 03:27
Have you been to see the doctor Feeling fully fine? They'd say, 'Why did you come here? It's a waste of time' But there is a doctor we all need to see Jesus Christ is calling: ‘Come and follow me’ Dr. Jesus will see you now He gives a brand new start Not just for the things on show He sees inside our hearts Dr. Jesus will help you now Forgiveness is the fix The healthy don’t need a doctor - it is the sick When the sinners came to see him Others criticised: 'Why does Jesus eat with them, People we despise?' But the doctor ordered That they would belong God's kingdom is for those Who know they've done wrong When we came to Christ, he saved us Like he said he would Through his death and life again We've been changed for good Come and see the doctor Come just as you are Jesus Christ is calling He will heal your heart
Jesus has risen He has been given All authority to rule the world No-one is higher Than the Messiah God has made him Lord, the Lord of all! Jesus Christ the risen King Is calling us, is sending us to go Go and make disciples Go to all the world Tell them what the Lord has said He is with us now Till the very end New sons and daughters Wash them with water In the name of Father, Spirit, Son We take salvation To every nation Worshiping the Lord, the Lord who saves! We’re starting here where we live We’re going out in his power We’re not ashamed - the gospel saves We’re spreading out in this land We join in prayer for the world We’re speaking up till Jesus comes Teach them his sayings So they're obeying Everything that he commanded you No-one is higher Than the Messiah God has made him Lord, the Lord of all!
We are looking forward to a better day When all pain and crying is taken away No more sin or darkness Every wrong made right Jesus Christ is coming and he is the light He’s coming back again Because he promised to He’s coming back again He will make all things new Jesus is coming back to bring his people home He’s coming back again And we will worship round his throne We know it is certain because God has said He is sending Jesus, who rose from the dead Christ the judge is coming He will deal with sin And he’ll save his people so we’ll be with him There’ll be celebrations when we see our King People from all nations will be joining in Every race and colour One big family Praising Christ who saved us for eternity
Before the world began God made a masterplan To bring all things together Under one head That head is Jesus Christ Who died and rose to life And now he's seated At the right hand of God Once we were dead in sin Now we are raised with him By grace we're saved, through faith In Jesus alone Part of his body now United by his power Joined with his people A-all over the world We are the church, have you heard? He washed us clean with his word He chose us to be on his team We are more loved than we could dream We've got good news, shout it out You've got to hear what it's all about No-one's too far away to be Welcomed into God's family Speaking the truth in love To build the body up We serve each other Using gifts from the King We pray for unity So everyone will see God’s plan in action In his people today One Lord, one faith One God, one Father One body, one Spirit We are one in Christ One hope, one truth One cross, one Saviour One mission, one future We are one in Christ


Awesome Cutlery is back! Continuing their mission to help families worship Jesus together, this new album features 12 new songs, and more adventures with Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy. Does God have a birthday? Why do we all need a doctor? And will Captain Awesomeness ever manage to lay the table? Find out all this and more in 'All Together Now'!


released December 5, 2019

Vocals, Cutlery Boy: Dan Adams
Vocals, Captain Awesomeness: Gareth Loh
Instrumentation, Programming, Backing Vocals, and Sound Design: Matt Weeks and Dan Weeks
Fruit crunches and backing vocals on tracks 12 & 15: James, Nathan, Sophie and Alfred Adams; Caleb, Finlay and Griff Loh
Backing vocals on tracks 14, 15 & 17: Emmy Weeks
Piano on tracks 4 & 9: Mark Edwards
Bible Readings: Febe Weeks

Recorded July to October 2019 at WWWstudios
Recorded, Produced and Engineered by Dan Weeks and Matt Weeks
Mixed by Dan Weeks
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers
Graphic design by ninefootone

All sketches, characters, music and lyrics are Copyright © 2019 Dan Adams & Gareth Loh except track 9 which is Copyright © 2019 Gareth Loh and Dan Weeks. All rights reserved.

Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright. This material must not be copied, duplicated or distributed.

Scripture taken from the Holy Bible, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.®
Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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Awesome Cutlery UK

Songs to help families worship Jesus together, featuring the super(ish)heroes Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy.

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